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fleurs du mal

Beresford Egan’s post facto illustrations for Charles Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal.

Creepy chic circa 1947.

Shh…Idon’twannahearit, feminists. And I don’t care how post of post you are either.

Tailing the weird into the night. I wonder if I still have Vincent Gallo’s number…

Illustratively Yours,


images via 50 watts

Any Excuse

Yours truly bar tended a good old-fashion Halloween house party. Save for the fancy lashes {which are ALWAYS a pain}, pulling off “Circus Ring Leader” involves little effort when your closet already resembles that of a Victorian era gangster coupled with the wardrobe trunks for The Bird Cage.

Don’t Touch The Hat,



{Marimekko} Fashionaire || Samsonite

I’ve used this train case for 10 years and I just realized it is Marimekko. How I hadn’t put it together before now, is worthy of a dead-finger. (Shouts to big brothers.)

While it’s not terribly difficult to see it as prototypical 1960’s floral print, the bold simplicity & orange dotted inner lining should have tipped me off sooner. Helsinki bred since the 1950’s, Marimekko started off as a few Finnish artists fashioning their designs to women’s dresses available in middle class garment shops. As for the U.S. market, that exploded when Jackie Kennedy wore eight Marimekko dresses during the 1960 Presidential Campaign. They’ve since become a mega-maison filled with international dream teams of designers outfitting the world round, one Crate and Barrel groupon at a time. You see, humble beginnings can be more interesting than the pipe-dream.

Not too long ago Samsonite re-introduced the entire Marimekko Fashionaire luggage series as a part of their luxury Black Label. Really, the pieces came across as childish Walmart-worthy space capsules with an equally cosmic price point. My 16 year old self scored an original for 10 bucks. From one glorified dumpster diver to another, this will always be one of my favorite vintage things.

 (For the record, this is as close as I get to identifying with Jackie Kennedy.)

Team Little Edie,


coups de pinceau

 Vincent van Gogh’s Impressionism actuated by Rodarte Spring 2012 

{Probably because I’m a little weird} I prefer the gamut of expressionism over impressionism. Although, Rodarte’s multidimensional canvases add an excitement and clever romance to these otherwise tranquil {over-sold} brush strokes, that remind me of Ol’ Vinny’s inalienable street cred ~ that ear didn’t cut itself off.

So yes, like raven-tressed tricksters, the Mulleavy sisters have simultaneously induced quiet bewilderment AND “AH-HA!” explosions of understanding with their designs. Thanks to their maddening diversity and craftsmanship, I will forgive them both for being so god damn cool.

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(Image Mash-Ups from Amateur Couture)


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