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Rooting for Film

120 formats from homie extraordinaire Grant James and his old Hasselblad. 

Besides being deeply concerned with street cred, for authenticity’s sake I insist on keeping film in the media mix (personal life included).

I like my cameras how I like my men: manual & masterful. Film photography is not for fakers: manual focusing, light metering, F-stops, shutter speeds… It can be frustrating & expensive ~ but when you nail it ~ it’s worth it.

Still Taking Notes,



These Cantaloup Catala illustrations are fantastic. From what I’ve gathered, they are from a series of french children’s books produced by a chocolaterie dating back to 1814. Agence Eureka has been brilliant in digitally archiving these captivating vignettes. (I want to rob her library.)

A few springs ago, back in London, I bought my first french children’s book. It was in a “One Pound” bin near the steps of the British Museum. I was taken by the illustrations- particularly those depicting quotidian objects of war-time Europe; effectively (to a child) romanticizing war via 2x2 series of squares. One page had holiday sheet music and roasting chestnuts, the next, pictures of trench warfare, Tommy guns and artillery tanks. Pretty cool, huh? Definitely interesting to see how kids were indoctrinated into culture before shitty reality television came along. Will be posting an anatomie series soon. Long live books.

Rooting for Hands,


Fizz L`Orange

Haleigh of Making Magique ~ in an unstoppable tranche d’orange fresh from Coco Does Rio’s vintage collection.

Don’t be fooled ~this pretty bird has talons. Illusive by geography, I see her only a few times a year and always over cocktails. It’s so effortless photographing this girl~ next time it’ll have to be in Paris.

(Secretly wishing for winter.)



(All Images belong to Coco Does Rio)

Quelle Femme!

12th Street by Cynthia Vincent Resort 2012

Okay, gender politics aside ~ dresses are for girls. 

These prints and sweeping silhouettes are quintessentially quixotic. (Sh sh shamanic)

As of 15 minutes ago, I pay attention to Cynthia Vincent. And I will probably never get over the dizzying accessorizing of mover and shaker,  Ashley Glorioso .

Girl Power,


(These things are cool.)